Monday, August 13, 2012

Driving While Texting, Texting While Driving

After reading Vanessa's commentary Distracted driving is blind driving, I have really put some thought into how we could turn this dire situation around. I agree that we need stricter laws for distracted driving as I will admit that I occasionally use my phone while driving. One option would be to somehow link the driver's cell phone with the ignition and consequently turn off texting capabilities while the car is in drive. The texting feature would be enabled once the car is put into park. Another option would be to disconnect all cell phone services while the car is in drive, although this could possibly hinder emergency calls.

I think that going forward all vehicles should be equipped with the necessary technology to link up with cell phones. This would allow the driver to make calls from the car rather than directly from their phone. This would free up the driver's hands, and still allow them to make "emergency" calls. Some may argue that phone calls distract drivers regardless of whether or not their hands are free, but I believe that it is impossible to eliminate every single distraction from a driver.

I thought Vanessa's blog was very well thought out, though I would have liked to see her include her suggestions for how to solve this problem. She did a great job explaining the problem and giving the reader the relevant background information, I just would have liked to have been presented with options.

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